Portrait of Joe Pajeska and Josip Pajeska

Joe Pajeska

Managing Director

Josip Pajeska


Beginning his lifelong love of Awnings, Joe started working with his father as a blind and awning installer whilst still studying at school. Picking up the trade quickly, his fabric and awning knowledge is unsurpassable and he has a reputation as the man with the solutions. Joe takes a hands on approach to all parts of the business and can still be seen in the factory lending a hand where needed or testing/developing new products.

Josip has been in the blind and awning game for over 30 years since starting his Australian career as a concreter. Josip had the forethought to start a business with his son, Joe and together they have driven Dalekit to become one of the behemoths of the Australian Awning industry. Josip can still be found wandering the factory and offices of Dalekit and our South Coast customers will know him well, as he still continues to deliver in his ute to this day.

Mark Charlton

National Sales Manager

The Comedian of the company, Mark brings knowledge from the dawn of the Retractable Roof System industry and is a huge asset to Dalekit. His outgoing personality endears him to all who meet him, whilst he may on the surface appear to be a comedian his experience of over 20 years and knowledge of the products has been beneficial to all staff. He has  bought an energy and new lease of life and energy to the company

Joanne de Silva

Office/Customer Service Manager

The "cranky (not really) one" of the company,

Joanne has been with Dalekit since 2016, starting as the receptionist. Learning as much as she could and bringing over 20 years of customer service and office administration experience to the table.

Joanne now manages the CS team and manages the Accounts for Dalekit Awnings as well as at least 10,000 other things an hour.  (Don't bother checking - we've counted)


Peter Kyle
Factory Manager

Leveraging decades of experience in aeronautical logistics and managing factories with complex manufacturing procedures, Peter aims to dovetail his experience, attention to detail and pride in his work to Dalekit. Instantly garnering the respect of the factory staff this fearless leader has already implemented several improvements with many more to come.

Jenny White

Fabric Supervisor

Jenny has been turning your favourite fabrics into awning skins for over 20 years (most of them working alongside or for Joe at Dalekit). Her incredibly broad range of skills are at your disposal through her hand-reared team.

When you are looking for someone who knows her fabrics, there is none other like Jenny.

Sarah Bruzzese

Customer Service

Sarah is the voice and driving force behind Dalekits ordering system and is at the front line of our customer service department.


Sarah is in charge of checking & processing of your orders. If we need more information she will be contacting you before we can accept and process your order. 

Sarah is our Gatekeeper, don't let her sweet voice fool you - she's a lot firmer than you might think. 

Patrick Harris

Customer Service

Knowledge, skills, and spirit. Patrick has them all. 

Immediately finding his feet after joining Dalekit Awnings in March 2021 - Patrick has hit the ground running and alleviated the pressure from Sarah.

He may be young but the knowledge patrick brings to Dalekit Awnings comes from years within the industry and is offered with a smile - every time!

Toni Ologbo

HR Co-ordinator

Almost hired during the interview and joining the team in March 2021 on the verge of planned massive expansions, Toni has single-handily brought a bunch of experience, professionalism and laughter to the Dalekit Awnings team! 

In the short period with Dalekit, Toni is already having a hugely positive impact across the entire team and has been welcomed by all!

Louie Hanna

Assembly Supervisor

With growth - comes opportunity, and when opportunity knocked, Louie was all-too-eager to apply for the 'Assembly supervisor' role that opened up in early 2021. Already knowing the product and team, Louie has stepped up and helped improve communication and manufacturing through his team while continuing to do an amazing job, every - single - day!

Vincent Chandra

Purchasing Officer

Starting off as a volunteer intern for his degree, Vincent was so spectacularly great at his role that we offered him a job before his internship was over!

Vincent fits into the team incredibly well and his conscientious work ethic and approach to his job have made a huge difference with more to come!

Ken Alexander Stores / Despatch

Ken is in control of all the materials coming in and going out of Dalekit. Ken's hard-working nature and knowledge of warehousing previously working for large conglomerates have all been leading him to his current role with Dalekit, just don't get in his way of a morning whilst he is getting the truck loaded as he may run over you.

Jeffrey Dohnt


Previously working for Dalekit, Jeffrey came back to join the team as a consultant. Jeffrey has extensive knowledge in the full spectrum of window furnishings with specialty knowledge on motors, awnings and digital marketing and joined the team again to help us transform the Covered brand into a household name and giving Dalekit Awnings a voice to tell its story.


Chad Sultana
Jr. Marketing

If you need marketing assistance - Chad is the man to get it done! Growing up attached to a computer, this super-fast learner brings his love of 'everything marketing’ and his ability to photograph, make, design, create, edit and story-tell up a storm faster than he can solve a Rubik’s cube. (His record is 13.65 seconds by the way).

The Fabrics Team

With a combined knowledge of over

100 years, this team can be trusted

to make your skins to the highest of quality

The Assembly Team

Dedicated to the craft, each of these

team members are specialists in the

products they assemble.

The Warehouse Team

The workhorses behind Dalekit, this team is carrying the heavy weights, packing, and keeping the warehouse stocked